Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigation of Quantum correlations in continuous variable systems    Ph.D    taghiabadi, razieh    2013-10-07
2    Investigation of quantum discord of multipartite systems    Ph.D    Behdani, Javad    2013-10-07
3    Study of behavior of particle in dynamical billiard by varying features of particle and billiard system    Ph.D    raeisi, sedighe    2014-05-19
4    Quantum channels and their application in creation of quantum correlations    M.Sc.    shahbeigi, fereshte    2014-06-10
5    Unitary transformations and their application in generating quantum entanglement    M.Sc.    sahaf, sayedeh zahra    2014-11-08
6    Quantum correlation and its role in remote state preparation    M.Sc.    Saberian, Nayereh    2015-01-18
7    Study of Photon Structure Function Using the Coupled ‎QED⊗QCD‎ DGLAP Evolution Equations    Ph.D    Mottaghizadeh, Marzieh    2015-01-20
8    Non-gaussian entanglement between a mechanical resonator and cavity field    M.Sc.    mousavi, vajiheh    2015-05-30
9    Investigation of quantum correlations of two-qubit system using quantum steering ellipsoid    Ph.D    nassajpour isfahani, vahid    2015-09-22
10    Simulation of random walk using the quantum behaviour of an atom in cavity QED    M.Sc.    mohammadi, mahmoud    2016-03-09
11    Investigation of sudden change of quantum correlations of two-qubit systems by using geometric measures    M.Sc.    RAFIEEFAR, FARAHNAZ    2016-10-24
12    Algebraic Approach in Discrimination of Quantum States    Ph.D    Ghoreishi, Seyed Arash    2016-10-29
13    Strong subadditivity of Von Neumann entropy and it's application in quantum information    M.Sc.    Baradaran, ali    2016-12-05
14    Dynamics of Linear Entropy of the Interaction between Four-Level Atoms and a Single-Mode Field with Multiphoton Processes in the Presence of Intensity-Dependent Coupling and Kerr Medium    M.Sc.    Naderzadeh ostad, Ashraf    2017-01-04
15    Evolution of multiatom systems with different cavties: using Schwinger model    M.Sc.    arami, nilofar    2017-04-13
16    Study of Transverse and Longitudinal Instabilities in a Typical Synchrotron Light Source    M.Sc.    Yazdani, Mohammad Sadegh    2017-04-13
17    Nonlinear dynamics of longitudinal and transverse electromagnetic waves in quantum plasma    Ph.D    roozehdar mogaddam, ramin    2017-05-28
18    Quantum Fisher information of unitary processes by using quotient parametrization    Ph.D    shemshadi, mohamad javad    2017-07-08
19    Investigation of Solvability of the atom-field systems    M.Sc.    taki, mohamed nasim    2017-09-10
20    Quantum game theory    M.Sc.    ashoori, fateme    2017-10-23
21    Resource theory and its application in measuring quantum properties of the physical systems    Ph.D    shahbeigi, fereshte    2017-12-30
22    Propagation of Nonlinear Waves in Non-equilibrium Plasmas    Ph.D    PAKZAD, HAMID REZA    2018-05-30